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You’re more than your number of listens. We value other factors that make your show great such as creativity, quality of content, topical expertise, etc.

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From host-read integrations to brand interviews and product reviews, Podcorn gives you the flexibility to integrate brands natively in a way that fits your unique voice.

Payment Security and Quick Payouts

Don’t wait weeks or months to get paid. Enjoy secure and painless payments typically within 24 hours of distributing approved content via PayPal, or Direct Deposit.

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Be Independent and In Control

Browse opportunities, send proposals to brands, set your own rates and schedules, and always choose the brands that you want to work with.

Transparent and Secure Process

We require brands to deposit money upfront for your protection. We only retain a transparent 10% fee at payouts on completed campaigns. No hidden fees or agendas.

Build Meaningful Relationship With Brands

We remove the agency middle man, so you can enjoy direct access to opportunities and direct communication with brands in a secure and safe environment.

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Common Questions

  • Do podcasters have to pay to sign up to Podcorn?

    Nope! Since our mission is to help podcasters monetize, Podcorn is completely free for Podcasters to sign up, browse monetization opportunities, send proposals and communicate with brands! We only take a small 10% fee for completed and approved content. For example, if you send a proposal for $100 for a campaign, you will be paid out $90 once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include PayPal or credit card processing fees.

  • Do I have to sign a contract or host with Podcorn?

    Nope! Podcorn is an open marketplace to all podcasters, irrespective of their host or network affiliation and you don’t have to change anything to use Podcorn. There are no contracts, monthly charges or long-term commitments. You always maintain ownership of your podcast and content. You also always get to choose which sponsors you work with, propose creative sponsorship formats, and set your own prices and schedules. You always have freedom and control.

  • What are the podcast download minimums to signing up?

    Podcorn was created to help podcasters of all sizes monetize which is why we do not have a minimum download requirement for podcaster signup. We want brands to be able to see the value of working with podcasters of all sizes. All you need to sign up and start sending proposals to brands is an active podcast.