Sponsorships on Your Terms

Find the right brand sponsorships for your podcast.

  • Earn Money

    From host-read ads and brand interviews to custom content integrations, if you have a podcast you can earn money from brand sponsorships.

  • 100% Control

    Brand deals your way! Choose your podcast sponsors, propose creative sponsorship formats, set your prices and schedules, and have more freedom.

  • Get Paid Quickly

    Enjoy secure and painless payment processing typically within 24 hours of distributing your approved sponsorships by methods like PayPal, ACH or Check.

Focus on creating podcasts, leave the monetization to us.

Paid Sponsorships -

Get matched to brands that fit your podcast.

Podcorn makes it easy to find and secure sponsors for your unique show. You’re in full control of your rates, creative formats, and scheduling - it’s all up to you!

Your Schedule -

Manage sponsorships based on your calendar.

Our scheduling tools make it easy to book recurring sponsors for days, weeks and months at a time, while helping you manage many sponsorships at once and avoid getting booked when you’re already committed.

Your Price -

Charge what you want and get paid quickly.

You’re the expert in audio production and what you charge is up to you! Podcorn charges each brand immediately upon hiring to ensure that you always get paid on time. If you need pricing guidance, we’re here to help.